Every few years vessels need to be hauled out for servicing of underwater parts and paint.  Hauling a vessel can be a very costly expense to private and commercial owners.  Our services during haul out may encompass, assitance/captaining to haul, sanding and applying of new bottom paints, boot striping, hull detailing, light fiberglass repair, gelcoat repair, and more.   Servicing of shafts, seals, props, and legs are often done by the hauling yard, but may also be completed by our mechanical vendors if needed.   For owners, this is also an optimal time for hull surveying for insurance purposes.   For most, vessel haul outs are completed every two to four years.  

For owners with a demanding schedule or who live off-island, scheduled checks are a must.  Scheduled boat checks provide ease of mind and can also save money on repairs in the long run.   Checks will be different by vessel and owner - they can be customized to touch on everything from heads and dock lines to engines and pumps.  These checks are a great way to "excersize" the vessel and can be rolled into any of our other services.  As most owners know, the longer you don't use, open or run your vessel, the tougher it will be to maintain and operate when you're ready.   For most, scheduled checks are completed bi-monthly, monthy or quarterly. 

The term vessel management refers to encompassing all facets of vessel maintenance, services and care. For a select few, we fully manage all services.  This includes documentation, cleaning and maintainence, captain and crew, vendor management,  routine mechanical servicing, repairs, hauls and more.  This complete servicing is provided to clients who are "hands off" owners.  Currently, we are not accepting any new fully managed vessels, but are able to provide most specific services within our scope.   Services that we offer that were not aforementioned include: USCG Captaining, Engine Mechanical Services, General Mechanical Services, and Chartering.  

Bottom and  hull cleaning is a true necessitty for every boat sitting in the water.  Consistent care of your hull growth as well as anode replacement will provide you years of staying out of the boat yard.   Our hull cleaning services are done by seasoned divers at the dock, properly removing growth at the water line, hull surfaces, thru-hulls, intake grates, shafts, props and more.  Along with removal, we will track your anode depletion and change the anodes out at the appropriate time, reducing the affects of damaging electrolysis.   Photos and inspections may also be provided.  For most, bottom and hull clearnings are completed every four to six weeks. 

Scheduled washes are a must for any boat sitting in a marina or harbor.  Proper and consistent wash downs will work to keep your vessel looking and staying fresh.   Consistent wash downs will remove daily dirt, water spots, grease, mold, and more.  Our boat soap will lift contaniments from fiberglass and non-skid while also sealing surfaces with marine-grade polymers, creating a barrier against staining and harmful sun rays.   We also offer detailed wash downs that include stainless and glass servicing - popular for boat owners hosting guests or special events. For most, vessel wash downs are completed weekly, bi-montly or monthly. 

Detailing your vessel is one of the most necessary methods to protect the finish of you fiberglass, teak, metals and glass. As an investment, it'll retain your vessels value while keeping a protective layer from the elements. Every yacht and boat will be different in size, shape and condition.  The detail will be planned specific to the use type of the vessel and can cover fiberglass, stainless, canvas, glass, isenglass, teak and more.  In its simplest form, all surfaces are washed and stripped of all salt, deposits, fall out, stains, etc. before being finished, and insulated with appropriate waxes and product.   For most, vessel detail services are completed annually or bi-annually.